sponsor a recycling event

Are you looking to raise money for and event or charity?

RecycleUSA-LLC will show you how to raise funds while increasing environmental awareness through proper collection and disposal of old computers & electronics.  Hold a collection day and raise funds for your charity or organization.

It is very easy... here is how it works


A. Secure a parking lot for the day of the event.

B. Provide volunteers to collect, items, fees and list items collected.

C. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!  Signs, Flyers, Local cable access, Newspapers, Radio and websites.  (RecycleUSA-LLC will list your event in our coming events section).

D. Hold the event and collect materials.  It is that easy.

Items RecycleUSA-LLC accepts

​Game systems        Laptops        CPUs        Servers        CD Rom/DVD players & drives

Speakers                   Mice               Cables     Wire             Keyboards

Copy/Printers         Phones          UPS          VCR/VHS     Walkman/PDA/IPOD

​Monitors                  TVs                  AC             Stereos       Microwaves

AC Units and much more.

RecycleUSA-LLC charges a small fee for many items, some are free.  We provide recommended pricing for your event so that you can retain percentage of the money collected for your charity or organization.

What we provide:

1) We advertise your event on our website

2) We tailer our services to accommodate each event. (Personnel & transportation)

3) We arrive, at least, 1/2 hour prior to your events start (unless needed earlier) and stay throughout the event.  Our workers load materials from the event and transport it for proper recycling.

​Contact us for more information or to set a date for your event!